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AES Systems boasts an impressive line of industrial CCTV cameras

IPS Series Integrated Positioning System

The IPS Series is a complete video system. It combines powerful video technology and high speed pan/tilt performance. The IPS series includes a variety of options. Cameras are constructed from chemical resistant stainless steel or powder coated aluminum. Modifications include air purging (explosion rated environments) and air cooling (high temperature environments). Unlike other industrial grade video packages, the IPS Series from AES Systems has high speed pan (100 deg./sec.) and long range zoom (up to 23X Optical) capabilities. Originally designed for use in toxic chemical destruction, the IPS20 has proven to be a durable must-have for all hazardous industrial applications.

Spection 81 Hand-held

The SPECTION 81 is a camera designed for industrial inspection. The camera’s stainless steel construction withstands water and harsh chemicals. The high resolution sensor and infrared LEDs combine to allow camera operations in complete darkness. The design of the SPECTION 81 camera allows for handheld or optional, fixed, (mounted) operation. Hazardous environment inspection processes can be completed safely and easily using the SPECTION 81 camera.

Thermal Imaging

Due to the expensive nature of thermal imaging and infrared technology, its sector of the video industry has not benefited from the same technological advancements. AES Systems has filled the ever growing need for thermal surveillance by integrating the latest thermal video cameras with high speed pan/tilt system technology. Working with several thermal imaging manufacturers, AES Systems is able to deliver a product that is custom tailored to the customer’s specifications. Past installations include several nuclear power plants, where security is priority number one.





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